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Accredited Business

Accredited Business

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Credit Counselling Services
Surrey & Greater Vancouver Region


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    Live Life, Debt-Free with our super-effective Credit Counselling Services!

    Are you feeling overwhelmed by your debt, bills, and expenses and worry about managing them with your fixed income? Credit720 has experienced and professional credit counsellors who will take your pain away with their master strategies. Not only will they boost your financial confidence, but also help you stay on track with all the financial goals to live a debt-less life!

    No more Drowning in the Debt Ocean when you can manage everything Staying Afloat!


    Our 3-Step Fast-Track Credit Counselling Service

    1. Our credit experts start by reviewing the monthly plan/budget of the individual/family. Then, we establish the present financial status to identify the exact cash inflow and outflow.
    2. At credit720, we propose easy yet effective changes in consumer habits. It will help them to save more and determine short and long-term goals and help in reaching them.
    3. For a Debt-free future, we will aid in stabilizing the finances with immediate measures. Once all fall back into pieces, we also educate and prepare for avoiding the same situation from happening again.

    Maintaining a Good Credit Score is Hard but not impossible! 


    How Credit720 Helps You With their Credit Counselling Services?

    1. Staying Consistent: Our credit720 advisors help you organize finances efficiently and wisely by settling bills without procrastination.
    2. Communicating without fear: We believe in open communication, no matter the situation. Thus, our credit counsellors will ask you to communicate unanticipated/bad times to creditors, if any, occurred. Also, you must reconcile all disputes in the matter of credits quickly. It is because the credit rating would be badly impacted if the disputes continue, even if it wasn’t one’s fault.
    3. Formulating A Plan: Our credit counsellors develop a concrete plan for meeting one’s needs and the creditor’s needs. As creditors might offer concessions for individuals who visibly make an effort to repay the loan, we will help you manage the rest. They will even verify the credit report annually to ensure no credit remains unpaid in the client’s name.

    Balance Credit and Savings

    At Credit720, we follow easy strategies to keep a balance between your credit and savings. Not borrowing more than what you can pay in that certain time, not applying for credit frequently, reserving emergency savings for trusting credit when unprecedented times occur are all the stepping stones to a financially secured future.

    Credit Counselling FAQs

    What are the different Credit ratings?

    • R0 – Just approved, too new and hasn’t yet been rated.
    • R1 – Pays within a maximum of 30 days after the due date but has only 1 payment, past due.
    • R2 – Pays within a period of 30 – 60 days after the due date but has only 2 payments, past due.
    • R3 – Pays within a period of 60 – 90 days after the due date but have only 3 payments, past due.
    • R4 – Pays within a period of 90 – 120 days after the due date but have only 4 payments, past due.
    • R5 – pays after a minimum of 120 days but isn’t any of the inputs of ‘R9’
    • R7 – Making consistent payments via certain special means to settle the debts
    • R8 – Includes surrender and Repossession
    • R9 – Includes Bad debt, shifted to a new place without giving an address, bankruptcy, etc.


    What is the classification of Beacon Scores?

    Here is the description of different ranges of beacon score:

    • Outstanding: 750+
    • Good: 700-749
    • Fair: 650-699
    • Poor: 600-649
    • Bad: Below 599


    How can I achieve Credit Re-Establishment?

    One can re-establish one’s credit even if one applied for bankruptcy with a few options available like:

    • Settling all bills without any delays at all
    • Applying and procuring a credit card that is secured
    • Paying an amount more than just the minimum requirement
    • Having a trustable person co-sign for a loan in future