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Consumer Proposal Services
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    It’s Time To Opt For A Secured Consumer Proposal Option

    A Consumer Proposal is considered the best way to lessen the amount to be repaid to the creditors. With more than 90% of Approved Consumer Proposals, financial experts at Credit720 imparts the best consumer proposal service in the market.

    With Credit720, You get Faster Approval for Consumer proposals and personalized strategies to pay for them!

    No more frightening court actions, disheartening phone calls, or threats of garnishment! We let you opt for the Consumer Proposal Route in the most strategic way so that you can easily afford a monthly payment with other financial obligations.

    Top 3 Reasons To Opt For Consumer Proposals

    1. No more Interest Payment: Consumer Proposals come with 0% interest that helps you afford the debt payment without any stress.
    2. Legal Binding: This agreement binds the consumer in a legal document with the government and thus, you don’t need to worry about getting any threat calls from creditors.
    3. Less Stress with Fixed Monthly Payments: You will have to pay only a fixed amount that is quite less as compared to the original debt amount.

    Consumer Proposal FAQs

    Who all are eligible to apply for a consumer proposal?

    Any individual who doesn’t have enough money for paying the debt, even a bankrupt whose loan is not exceeding the debt total of $250,000, can file a consumer proposal. It just excludes the mortgage implied for an individual’s principal residence. Meanwhile, one must have also received aid of a trustee, who would be the administrator of proposal. When one decides to file a proposal, the inspectors must approve and validate the proposal. At the same time, for individuals with debt amount more than $250,000, the proposal should be filed in the grounds of the act’s Division I of Part III. Most importantly, two or even proposals can be merged and treated as one joint proposal, considering the proximity of the debtors involved. But, the restriction is that the total sum of the amount shouldn’t be more than $500,000.

    What is the total cost incurred during a consumer proposal process?

    The only cost involved is in the filing fee, that ought to be paid to the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. Also, even the administrator has to be paid too.

    What are the stages of a Consumer proposal?

    There are 4 main stages of a Consumer proposal:

    1. Assessment and Payment Plan: Initially, you need to meet an administrator for Consumer Proposal and formulate a new payment plan.
    2. Consumer Proposal Filing: The dedicated administrator then files your Consumer proposal with the government. At the same time, your creditor protection starts.
    3. Proposal Payment: You need to pay the superintendent for the proposal.
    4. Credit Repair: Commence with the credit building process to pay all the dues on time.